PLACEABLE supports the development of interactive, place-based learning environments to engage communities in on-site media production.

Project work:

Case Study, Design Ignites Change: A place-based mlearning tool

Presentation video, Theorizing the Web 2014: Let's Talk About: Spatializing dialogues on race, identity and cultures of inclusion on campus (begins at 11:40)


PLACEABLE is an on-going collaborative project, lead by Aaron Knochel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art Education, Penn State University and Amy Papaelias, Assistant Professor of Art, State University of New York at New Paltz. Dr. Knochel's research focuses on education and media arts production for civic engagement both through the arts and through network connectivity. Professor Amy Papaelias’s research explores the intersections between critical making, design and the digital humanities.


Interested in collaborating or learning more? Get in touch: hello [at] placeable [dot] org